Has Your Smoke Alarm Expired?

A smoke alarm could be the one thing that keeps you and your family alive and safe in the event of a fire in your home. Without these detectors, you're placing yourself in harm's way. However, many homeowners fail to realize another important fact about smoke alarms;...

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How to Keep Your Family Safe From Winter Fires

Winter weather puts a chill on many of your favorite activities. But don't sacrifice safety in order to stay warm. This time of year, many people forget the importance of fire safety in their rush to get heat into their homes. Unfortunately, this can place you and the...

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3 Fire Safety Resolutions for the New Year

We're almost a full month into 2019, and we hope your new year is off to a great start. As you're taking stock of your goals, it's worth spending a minute on the safety of yourself and your family while you're at home. No one wants to think about the possibilities of...

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Keep Safety in Mind for Your Christmas Tree

As a classic Christmas special told us, Christmas trees aren't required to be beautiful to capture the holiday's message. But while they don't have to be pretty, they do have to be safe. Despite their greenery and twinkling lights, Christmas trees can be potential...

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Don’t Let Your Holiday Lights Become a Danger

The holidays are coming and people throughout the Lancaster area are getting their decorations ready for the season. While holiday lights create an enchanting feel for your house, you must also be aware of the safety hazards that come along with them. As your local...

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4 Tips for Turkey Fryer Safety

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! That means it will soon be time to bring out the turkey fryer. But before you do, make sure you know the fundamentals of how to operate yours safely. As you may know, turkey fryers can pose a fire hazard if they aren't used...

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4 Ways to Stay Safe in Off-Campus Housing

More and more college students are choosing off-campus housing. Affordability, convenience, and amenities are just a few of the reasons why apartments and condos have become more popular than traditional dorm rooms. But what safety measures are taken? You may have...

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Follow These 6 Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are one of the highlights of every summer. While Labor Day (and the end of the season) is approaching, fireworks displays will continue to impress throughout the fall – and all the way to New Year's Eve. But as fun as they are to watch, they're also very...

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