Fireworks are one of the highlights of every summer. While Labor Day (and the end of the season) is approaching, fireworks displays will continue to impress throughout the fall – and all the way to New Year’s Eve. But as fun as they are to watch, they’re also very dangerous. Unfortunately, many people are seriously injured or suffer property damage due to fireworks. At Lancaster County Fire Rescue, we want you and your family to enjoy fireworks while staying safe. Here are some fire safety tips for fireworks.

  1. Never allow children near fireworks – Don’t let young children play with, touch, or light fireworks – even sparklers. Only a capable adult should handle and light them. Letting kids play with these missle-like objects puts their safety at risk.
  2. Always keep water nearby – Always have a bucket of water or a hose near where you’re shooting off fireworks. If one lands in the wrong place, ti could lead to a house fire or grass fire.
  3. Read directions carefully – Before you buy any fireworks, make sure you carefully read all the instructions and safety precautions. Follow them to the letter. It’s for your safety!
  4. Don’t stand near lit fireworks – Never stand directly beside or over fireworks once the fuse is lit. Don’t hold them once they’re lit, either. This can cause serious injuries to your hand.
  5. Dispose of them properly – Don’t forget to properly dispose of fireworks. Wet down the fireworks by placing them in a water bucket, then throw them away in a metal trash bin. Never attempt to relight “dud” fireworks. Instead, treat them like used ones by following the steps mentioned above.
  6. Watch out for your pets – Finally, be conscientious of your pets. Dogs and cats are easily scared by fireworks and may run away. Try to keep your pets inside when you light fireworks or if there’s a display nearby.

For more fire safety advice on fireworks, talk to the volunteer firefighters at Lancaster County Fire Rescue. Our fire departments are standing by to keep you safe.