Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! That means it will soon be time to bring out the turkey fryer. But before you do, make sure you know the fundamentals of how to operate yours safely. As you may know, turkey fryers can pose a fire hazard if they aren’t used properly. Here at your local fire department, we want you to enjoy this time with friends and family without danger. Here are four tips for turkey fryer safety from Lancaster County Fire Rescue:

  1. Mind the turkey – Before you start frying, you need a turkey. Fryers work best when you choose a small turkey of around eight to ten pounds. This produces the best results and creates safer cooking conditions. Avoid larger turkeys, which are harder to fit in the fryer and can cause splashovers of boiling oil. Also, don’t stuff the turkey before placing it in the fryer.
  2. Consider the fryer – Now for the fryer. If you’re able, choose a fryer that doesn’t use oil. These models tend to be safer. Also, follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions when using the fryer.  Always remove the pot from the burner and let it cool overnight once your cooking is finished.
  3. Watch your surroundings – Choose the location of your outdoor fryer with care. Placing a fryer on a wooden deck, near trees or piles of dead leaves, or even in a garage creates a fire hazard. Always place the fryer on a level area and never move it while it’s fired up.
  4. Don’t leave it unattended – Never walk away from your fryer while it’s in use. Keep children and pets away from the area. This is for everyone’s safety.

We hope you don’t have to call the fire department this Thanksgiving. But no matter when you have an emergency, Lancaster County Fire Rescue is here for you. Our volunteer firefighters hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!