Are you looking for a way to give back to your local community? There are numerous ways to help make others’ lives better. But what if you’re called to do something different, something that could truly save someone else’s life? Each year, many men and women answer this call by becoming a volunteer firefighter with Lancaster County Fire Rescue. If you’re wondering how to become a firefighter in SC and why it’s so beneficial for you and others, check out the following information.

  • You’ll be helping those when they need it most – There’s nothing more devastating than a fire. Volunteer firefighters are ready to take action at all hours of the day and night. When someone’s home, business, land, or vehicle catches fire, you’ll be on the scene to minimize property damage and hopefully avoid injury or loss of life.
  • You’ll form strong bonds within your community – Volunteer firefighters are actively involved in the communities they serve. They understand the needs of the people and want to make life better for everyone. In turn, area residents are very appreciative of the sacrifices volunteer firefighters and their families make. The bonds that are formed will help the community become more united.
  • You’ll meet new people – Are you new to the area? If you’re interested in being a volunteer with your local fire department in Lancaster, SC, you’ll be introduced to many people and will learn your way around the county. You’ll be more than a volunteer – you’ll be a part of our family.

To be clear, this volunteer role comes with a lot of responsibility. However, it also has many rewards. If you’re interested in how to become a firefighter in SC, contact Lancaster County Fire Rescue. We’ll talk to you about the requirements as well as volunteer firefighter benefits you can take advantage of, like the SC volunteer firefighter tax credit.